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There are a LOT of really great scenes in How to Train Your Dragon 2 but this is the one that had the most impact on me and FOR GOOD REASON:

  • It’s such a sweet and genuine song first of all.
  • It’s sung, at first, by this HUGE masculine viking who spent the better part of the first movie being super cold and distant, leaving his emotions at bay. Now he’s allowing himself to open up and express his feelings and that’s totally okay woah!!
  • Along with that his movements around Valka are slow and gentle, allowing her to either reciprocate or walk away. He never grabs her or tries to shove her right back into their relationship. He’s aware of how much time has passed, of her guilt, so homie’s playin it cool.
  • But yeah, ultimately SHE’S the one who agrees to the dance and picks up the pace and it’s SO GOOD to see both figures treating each other with so much love and respect.
  • Even better is that both parties are ADULTS, the mom and dad figures of the film series. Adults get written out or ignored so often in children’s movies, either by being dead throughout the entirety of the series OR by only showing up at key moments. Both Valka and Stoic are essential to the film, as is their relationship and Valka’s reason for leaving.
  • Did I mention how sweet and genuine the song is? Damn near every romance song in a kid’s film is built up to some schmalty love anthem but HTTYD2 takes a quieter, more human approach.

This isn’t even touching on the little details Dreamworks’ adds to their facial expressions and their movements and gosh everything here works so wonderfully please watch How to Train Your Dragon 2

still goiiiiiiiiiiiing~ I’m done. wkwk best! XD


Hasil ke-ngelu-an hari ini, kayaknya kalau belum ketemu penguji utama buat mastiin tanggal masih bakal ngelu deh ya, barsabarsabaaaar~

Alhamdulillah rasa pudingnya gak ikutan ngelu :p


Their facial expressions are everything.

I love these guys <3

Words can be weapons.

Your words aren’t just words, they build a character.

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Oh, he’s beautiful! And look, he’s your age!

habis liat ini semalem, pengen punya :3

habis liat ini semalem, pengen punya :3

“Sebenarnya semua orang rumit, Allah Maha Hebat bisa paham semuanya.”

Nydya Parahita

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LO rusuh versi nggak lengkap.Sesungguhnya eik kangen banget loooh hahahahahaha senang bisa jadi bagian dari kalian :&#8221;)

LO rusuh versi nggak lengkap.
Sesungguhnya eik kangen banget loooh hahahahahaha senang bisa jadi bagian dari kalian :”)

“Ketika seseorang merahasiakan suatu hal, artinya ia lebih menyukai hal itu tak diketahui oleh banyak orang. Jelas sekali, bukan? Tapi, seberapa sering kita membuat candaan tentang rahasia teman kita, melempar kata-kata penuh kode, di depan orang-orang? Kita tak pernah benar-benar tahu harga kerahasiaan itu bagi teman kita, dan tak perlulah kita mengukur-ukurnya untuk mempertimbangkan apakah kita bisa membuat sedikit lelucon tentangnya atau tidak sama sekali. Apakah kepentingan kita menggodanya dan memproduksi lelucon lebih serius daripada kepentingan teman kita yang sampai-sampai ia harus merahasiakan kepentingannya itu?”

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Yasir is the besttttt! :)


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